Tuesday, September 11, 2007

alright... i'm givin' this another try...

So I've been kicking myself for not blogging in awhile.. but I'm going to blame a chock'a'block full summer of eating, visiting, and not wanting to sit in front of a computer... now that the fall is here, I'm back!! And here is my oath:
I, Urban Granola, promise to be a better blogger. I promise to cook like no one has cooked before, and to photograph it and write about it.

How's that? Oathy enough?

For now, some highlights from the summer. A super great trip to visit Dave's parents out in BC (including an amazing stay in Tofino.. wow!), one of my bestest friends wedding (yay Kaps), and two more weddings after that!, two seasons of beach volleyball (Spring/Summer), and a couple of camping trips around our fair Ontari-ari-ario!

Lately I've been cooking a bunch here are some examples:
  • some vegan tacos (complete with a salsa verde ground round, and homemade salsa)
  • oatmeal cranberry/chocolate cookies
  • easy-peasy individual lasagnas
  • lots of barbecued veggies and guacamole
I would post photos but blogger is being persnickety, so I'll try again from home. I'm back, and here's a fun photo of Dave and I:

All for now, blogger world... but happy to say, I'M BACK!!

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