Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Today was our office Halloween potluck and Costume party. Below is my, oh so environmentally conscious outfit. Hope you like it - and ofcourse, the required back view: I'm a.... Recycling Box...

Have a Happy Halloween and enjoy all the munchies!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Lonely times

It's lonely times without my Megan the Vegan friend!
So, in the spirit of Halloween I'm posting a picture from last year so that I can at least pretend she's here... Megan after a rough ride to work: what a good costume, here's one more photo for a full view:
Miss ya Megs!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My name is Ewa, and I'm a delinquint blogger.

So, I haven't been very good about posting. The reasons are threefold:
1) I haven't been cooking very much,
2) I've haven't been home very much in the evenings, and
3) I'm really a little bit lazy about computer stuff.

That being said, the other night I tried my hand at making a pie and surprise of all surprises, it was good. I made the dough from Dave's Mum's recipe and it was really quite easy - next time I'll add a little more water as it was difficult to roll out (it kept cracking).

This is me admiring my pie: and this is the pie itself, an aside - I'm not quite sure how people get those nice pinched edges mine, despite my best efforts came out as smushed edges
On our last grocery shop, I discovered a new pasta "fagottini", they look like little parcels and were filled with pureed veggies. I bought them because of the great name, and thankfully they turned out really great. I made a tofu tomato sauce for them and they were the perfect meal after a hard nights climbing
Tonight we're going to take measurements of our new house, I'm so excited especially about the new kitchen we're going to have... eeeshk!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Thanksgiving Camping

Megan has posted about the food, so let me post about the fun. It was a FANTASTIC weekend... the food (gooooood), the company (goooooood), the weather (gooooood).

Here are a few select photos to show you all just how goooood it was: first off, a hammock snooze with friends, that's always fun
Then some hammock yoga, a new form of yoga that I think Trevor and I should market: what would Thanksgiving be without the premptive (or post guilty) "too much food" walk, here's Trevor and Megan walking back from our trip to the lighthouse: and ofcourse, the best part about camping snuggling up inside a warm, puffy sleeping bag and closing up all the toggles
and that, my friends, is camping perfection!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

pasta - the ol' stand by.

Last night Dave left for Vancouver, he's gone home for Thanksgiving to surprise his parents and to visit with his Nan who's there right now from Ireland. Since he's gone, I'm taking the opportunity to eat through the variety of leftovers in my freezer. This one, I'll be having for lunch today:It's leftover from a weekend dinner and is just wholewheat rotini, with arugula, tomato sauce and a little bit of ricotta - which I am really liking these days.

The original time I had this meal it was paired with arugula salad and little toasts with a bit of Chevre...like so: Other than that it's pretty quiet, I like things much better when Dave is here, partly because there's someone to share a margarita with

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

so much to blog about ... so little time.

Haven't been blogging that much, as the business of home buying has been occupying all of my time. Dave and I have been dealing with more banks than you could shake a stick at (and I think shaking a stick at them is all I want to do right about now)... but won't bore you with the details, all in all things are falling right into plan.

Now onto happy thoughts:

This is another Mexican food fiesta - nachos and build your own burritos (a classic)... the nachos were alright, I didn't have any chips so I used broken up tostadas... not a super idea, but it was okay. That night we went to an all night art exhibit that was being held all around downtown Toronto called Nuit Blanche. It was sponsored by the City of Toronto and Scotiabank and ran from 6:59pm to 7:01am the next day - we (Megan, Paul, Trevor, Dave and I) rode our bikes from place to place and saw some interesting art... some examples [all art photos courtesy of Megan the Vegan]:
the elvis as installation art: the penguins in the pool art (which was supposed to be about gay penguins, but I didn't see the connection: and the dancing police officers art, which clearly is self explanatory:
in between all of the art, we clearly needed some nourishment, so stopped in at a... yep, you guessed it, Mexican place and had some margaritas and guacamole (notice the artful expression of the hands as they yurn for the margaritas representing their yurning for eternal life... see I get art!! we ended the evening at our place at about 1:30 - we weren't tired yet, so I made some of Dreena's cookies and we feasted on tea and chocolate chip cookies, a perfect ending in my opinion.