Monday, April 16, 2007

carpet of onions

How's that for a cryptic title??

Yesterday was a busy culinary day... it was my turn to make Sunday night dinner and I decided to go Thai --- Pad Thai. Now, because I'm not a very good blogger... I've only got a photo of the prep and not of the final product (our batteries died).. so here is Dave 's Carpet of Onions... it's pretty neat-o:

Check out Megan's blog for our fabulous desert ... mmm.. chocolate...mmm. peanut butter... mmm together.

Tomorrow... dumprings. That's right -- tofu, mushrooms, ginger... and you guessed it... green onions.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Quelle Surprise

It's only fitting that since my last post was about my birthday, today's post should be about Dave's birthday.

Last Thursday was Dave's birthday and I decided to throw a surprise party for him -- he must be very trusting as he fell for every fib I fed him (even the slightly too far fetched ones). He had no idea and thought that after our dinner our at the Liberty Cafe we were just stopping in at home for a quick rest before meeting some of his work friends for a drink. Mwa ha ha ha little did he know that 15 friends were waiting in our apartment to surprise him (funny that the 15 pairs of shoes at the front door didn't clue him in) witness his surprised look here:

The highlight of the party for me (other than seeing everyone, of course) was the birthday cake. Megan and I racked our brains thinking about an appropriate cake after the poker cake made for Paul... after some brainstorming we came up with the idea of a West Coast themed cake as Dave is from Vancouver and was supposed to go home for the Easter weekend, but his airline went bankrupt. We spent 3 evenings making this cake which included the Rockies, Stanley Park, the ocean, Kitsilano Beach (logs and all), and even some waterfront condos. I think he liked it:
I'm planning to be a better blogger, if not about food then at least about my Ottawa Marathon training (which is in its last 7 weeks). Oh, and a shout out to Cynthia (Dave mentioned that you'll be in Toronto sometime soon -- we'll have to hit up some Veggie places!)